Flag of ukraine 0,9*1,4 m

5% of your purchase goes towards rebuilding and supporting Ukraine when you pay with  
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National symbols acquire a special meaning in times of great hardship. The flag of Ukraine today is the flag of the brave, independent, free. Known all over the world. By it, by its colors, Ukrainians recognize each other in any country of the world. They are happy to meet and share news. They sympathize. They help

The flag from IDEIA meets all the standards of the modern approved flag of Ukraine. It consists of two equally sized horizontal stripes of blue and yellow. It is neatly and qualitatively sewn. Fastens on a drawstring. Presented in two sizes, which are optimal for today's conditions in various situations. The flag is proportionally maintained in the proportion of 2/3, which corresponds to the standard of the flag of Ukraine. The fabric from which the flag is sewn is tear-resistant, retains its color for a long time, and does not fade in bright sunlight.
The fabric is 100% PE

Color - blue yellow
The proportion is 2/3
The size is 90*140 cm
The fastening method is a drawstring
By buying the flag of Ukraine, you are making a contribution to the future victory. You support the national manufacturer. You show your patriotism with actions. Demonstrate to everyone - this is Ukraine.