Handcrafted beige topsiders

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  • Beige
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Topsiders in a casual style have proven themselves in the daily lives of fashionistas around the world. First of all, topsiders were exclusively a male model of footwear, but now it is made for both men and women.
Topsiders should be worn without socks, but if barefoot shoes are contraindicated for the feet, then they can be combined with short "footprints", which in turn is more hygienic. Our Leonchenko workshop offers a choice of topsiders for every taste, both in bright colors and in classic shades to order.
What sole do we use?
Sole ALPI W-out - innovative sole, which is characterized by a special geometry of the tread and the presence of drainage holes through which water flows. This allows you to maintain stability and avoid the effect of aquaplaning on slippery wet surfaces. W-out allows you to not slip on slippery wet surfaces, such as yacht decks or wet tiles after rain. W-out has a warm milky hue.
The sole additionally sewn by hand.

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