Bezlad t-shirt batiar twelve

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- characteristic:
Today we decided to present you a t-shirt about the Lviv subculture, because today is Batyar Day. Lviv batyars are a subculture that existed from the middle of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century. The name "batyar" probably originated from the Hungarian "betyar", which means a person who has strange views and does unpredictable deeds, an adventurer, a fool. On the t-shirt is an archival photo with batyars on the Market Square near Diana.

- materials:
Elastic collar, black color, composition 100% European cotton.

Dimensional grid:
S: width 50 cm, back length 70 cm.
M: width 52 cm, back length 72 cm.
L: width 56 cm, back length 74 cm.
XL: width 58 cm, back length 77 cm.

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