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Lash & brow oil activator 10ml

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Luxurious eyelashes and thick eyebrows are the key to a seductive-expressive look and self-confidence. However, there are many reasons slowing down the natural growth of eyelashes and eyebrows:

regular use of cosmetics;
low -quality removal of makeup;
regular plucking and coloring eyebrows;
Incorrect care or its absence.
The brand of natural cosmetics Bogika combines in the means “for eyebrow growth and eyelashes” valuable natural and essential oils, plant extracts and vitamin complexes:

Broccoli oil - a natural silicone - envelops each hair, protecting it, moisturizing and giving shine;
castor oil moisturizes and stimulates recovery;
Jojoba oil and rosemary CO2-extract strengthen the hair from the inside and prevent their loss.
As a result of the regular use of oil for eyebrow and eyelashes, eyebrows and eyelashes become thicker and look more attractive.


1. Remove makeup using Bogika hydrophilic oil.
2. Rub 1 drop between the fingers.
3. Apply the product to the line of eyebrows and eyelashes (from the middle to the ends) with light neat movements in the direction of hair growth. You can use a cotton wool, but in this case, the oil will rise in price.
4. The procedure should be carried out every night no later than 1 hour before bedtime.
5. Before going to bed, remove the remaining oil from the eyelashes and eyebrows with a cotton swab moistened in water or hydrolyte.

Ingredients: castor oil, jojoba oil, broccoli oil, caprilic/carminiped triglyceride, wheat germ oil, peach seeds, almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, CO2 ginger Existent, Bolophado CO2-sequistracy . , CO2 oak bark, SO2 herd of herd, melon CO2-excitement, rosemary CO2-excess, PIDSHMA CO2, rosemary essential oil, geranium essential oil.

Inci: Ricinus Communis oil, SimmondSia chinensis seed oil, oleracea Italian cabbage oil, capricious/capric triglyceride oil, PRUNUS PERSICA oil oil, PRENUS ALUMINIM sweet oil, COFFIRO, TOKOPHOFEROL EXPOFIR. Arctium LAPPA Extract CO2, CO2 Extract Calendula Medicinal calendula, oak co2 extract, CO2 BIDENS Tripartite extract, CO2 Melo Sativus extract, CO2 Rosemary Extract, CO2 TANACETUM VULGAR extract, medicinal rosemary, GRAVELENS rosemary oil.

Shelf life: up to 9 months, from the moment of autopsy - up to 4 months.


Country Manufacturer - Ukraine
Volume - 10 ml
Type of product - oil
Manufacturer - Bogic TM
Cosmetic classification - naturally