Extreme spf 20 protective day facial cream

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A unique combination of valuable natural oils, antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients accelerates skin regeneration, and SPF 20 filters protect against UV radiation. Protects the skin from temperature changes, weathering and ultraviolet radiation. Restores the structure of the protective lipid barrier of the skin, which is damaged by frost and wind. Replenishes seasonal deficiency of vitamins A, E, D. Suitable for any skin types. Cosmetologist’s advice: it there is severe irritation or shedding in the cold season or in the mountains, use the Mesoprof serum before the Extreme cream (art. 021). The main active ingredients: Avocado and egg yolk oils moisturize, nourish and regenerate the skin. Protect from UV radiation. Chamomile CO2 extract in combination with the calendula oil possess powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. Soothe and restore, activate the regeneration of the skin cells. Prevent damage from temperature changes. Relieve irritation and itching. Usage instruction: apply a small amount of the cream to the clean skin in the morning. It is recommended to use serum before the cream.

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