Hand cream spf 10 cream for daily hand skin care

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Unlike most other products for hands, the cream actively counteracts age-related changes: on the one hand, AHA acids stimulate cell renewal, and on the other hand, SPF filters protect against photoaging. Intensively moisturizes, nourishes, provides protection against external aggressive influences. Reduces the severity of age spots. Corrects age-related changes of the hand skin. Prevents premature aging. Removes irritation and shedding. Quickly absorbes without the feeling of stickiness or oiliness. We recommend using: - in daily hand skin care; - during seasonal changes, increase the use of the cream and pay special attention to damage and cracks; - during the application of gel polish. Because ultraviolet rays acting on your skin are no less harmful than the sun's rays Cosmetologist’s advice: to prevent age-related changes in the area of elbows, moisturize them with the cream as regularly as hands. The main active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid and the seaweed extract intensively moisturize. Vitamin E prevents premature aging, makes the skin more elastic. It is a powerful natural antioxidant. Phospholipids, avocado and olive oils and shea butter soften, nourish, and smooth wrinkles. Fruit acids (ANA) activate the renewal processes, narrow the pores, prevent the appearance of inflammation, even out the color and relief of the skin. Chemical filters UVA and UVB protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. The woman's business card is her hands. It is by their condition that one can easily determine her age and find out if she cares enough for herself. After all, if we always remember about the condition of the skin of the face, then we often forget about the skin of the hands. But it is she who is exposed to influences and damage much more - hard water, cold winds - all of them contribute to dehydration, dryness and flabbiness. The ideal solution would be - daily care of the skin of the hands and regular use of a hand skin care.

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