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Calm soothing cream, 50 ml

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Does your skin react acutely to temperature changes, decorative cosmetics, water, stress, lack of sleep, unbalanced nutrition, including a number of other external and internal factors? This means that it has an increased sensitivity and requires special delicate care.
For owners of delicate skin, prone to inflammation and redness, we have developed a Soothing Calm Cream. The remedy soothes, relieves inflammation, eliminates irritation and redness. Regulates the production of skin sebum. Helps strengthen the lipid barrier of the epidermis, protects against the influence of negative external environmental factors. Regulates the water balance of the skin, prevents moisture loss, intensively hydrates and nourishes, prevents dehydration. Effective with daily use. The nourishing texture of the product without a sharp smell gives a feeling of maximum comfort for delicate and sensitive skin.
*** It is important to understand that hypersensitivity can occur on any type of skin. It is expressed by the appearance of unpleasant tingling, peeling, itching and redness. If these manifestations are ignored for a long time, it can lead to more serious skin diseases (dermatitis, rosacea, eczema).
The benefits of Soothing Cream active ingridients:
Cherimoya extract effectively reduces skin sensitivity, reducing itching, inflammation and irritation. In addition, it makes it more balanced, promotes the production of collagen and generally improves the condition.
Violet extract contains natural phytoestrogens, which contribute to the rapid recovery of skin damage after stress and other external "irritants". Plus, the substance perfectly soothes inflammatory processes, stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, increases elasticity, saturates with useful trace elements, moisturizes and softens.
Linden flower extract is an extract from the "tree beloved by bees", actively used in the beauty industry. It is perfect for the care of any skin, including sensitive. After all, lime extract perfectly soothes the skin and makes it less susceptible, and also refreshes well, softens, removes puffiness, increases elasticity, smoothes relief and improves color.
Vitamin E perfectly "resuscitates" damage caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. In addition, the substance soothes inflammation, helps to retain moisture in cells, promotes cellular renewal, smoothes relief, maintains elasticity and firmness, strengthens protective functions and slows down aging.
Safflower (fire thistle) oil is widely used in the production of anti-aging cosmetics. It is highly appreciated for its ability to: soften the skin well, repair damage, regulate lipid functions and retain moisture. It also has an antioxidant effect.
Shea butter has powerful anti-aging properties, thanks to which it perfectly slows down age-related changes and prevents early aging. In addition, it smoothes the relief, accelerates tissue regeneration, enhances protection from external factors, increases elasticity and refreshes.
Glycerin effectively relieves dryness, peeling and itching, and also helps cells retain moisture inside. The substance also accelerates the healing of damage, smoothes fine wrinkles and increases resistance to various external conditions.
Azelaic acid is an ingredient of vegetable origin, which is obtained from cereals. According to research, the substance effectively reduces the sensitivity of the skin, cleanses the pores of impurities, dissolves comedones, lightens pigmentation and traces of post-acne, restores the skin barrier, evens out the texture and overall tone. It soothes inflammation well, relieves puffiness and redness, regulates sebum production, has an antibacterial effect.
How to use a Soothing Cream?
In home care, apply in the morning and/or evening to the cleansed skin of the face, neck with gentle circular movements, evenly distribute over the entire surface.
*** Advise: wash your face with cool or warm water (hot water accelerates the evaporation of moisture, which negatively affects the condition of sensitive skin).