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Calm mask soothing mask

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Provides a double effect: on the one hand regulates the production of sebum, and on the other reduces the increased sensitivity. That’s why this product is indispensable for combination, oily and at the same time sensitive skin. Has a light cooling and intense cleansing effect. Removes excessive sebum without overdrying the skin, unlike most other masks with kaolin. Soothes and softens. Narrows pores, instantly eliminates redness. Provides intensive prevention of the outbreaks of inflammatory elements and post-acne. Easy to rinse off. Cosmetologist’s advice: people with dry sensitive skin should use a soothing mask in combination with a moisturizing mask. First, apply a thin layer of the Ultramoister mask (art. 0475), and then the Calm mask over it. The main active ingredients: Kaolin (white clay) and the Dead Sea mud cleanse, dry and exfoliate. Activate regeneration processes, remove toxins. Zinc oxide prevents irritation and inflammation outbreaks. A complex of plant extracts (sea buckthorns, witch-hazels, echinacea, green tea) soothes and enhances the skin immunity. Accelerates healing processes. Improves the tonus of the walls of the blood vessels, reducing the manifestations of the vascular mesh. Essential oils (thyme, myrrh, sage, lemongrass) relieve inflammation, normalize the production of sebum, reduce the diameter of pores. Use 2-3 times a week (depending on need, condition and skin type). Apply the mask to the cleansed skin of the face and neck and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse off the mask with running water. Apply tonic. Use basic care (serum and / or cream).