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Ultramoister mask ultra moisturising gel mask

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Guaranteed help for dehydrated and dry skin The remedy is useful for anyone who regularly feels dry, tight skin or has other signs of insufficient moisture, such as peeling and itching. At first glance, dry skin is not considered a significant problem and is ignored. But if your skin is showing signs of dryness and dehydration, it's important to take good care of it - lack of moisture is one of the main factors that cause premature skin aging and can lead to a number of problems in the future. Only hydrated skin is capable of full functioning and effective regeneration. The mask will provide deep hydration to the skin and relieve discomfort for a long time. It will allow your skin to feel comfortable and will be the key to maintaining youth and beauty for a long time. Irritation and discomfort caused by dehydration will no longer remind you of yourself. Particularly helpful: - During the summer heat, if you constantly feel dry skin, the remedy will be your salvation, relieving you of the unpleasant sensations of tightness and discomfort. Skin in comfort all day long! Use in the morning if possible. - If you are often in the sun, sunbathe, went on summer vacation, we recommend using a mask to help your skin recover from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Your skin will always feel comfortable and protected from dehydration. You don't even have to wash off the mask. - In winter, during the heating season, when the air is very dry, the skin needs regular moisturizing. The mask will help the skin not only get rid of dryness and discomfort, but also help reduce skin reaction to cold, reduce irritation. In winter, moisturizers are best applied in the afternoon. The mask “waters” the cells of even the driest skin, soothes and softens, removes irritation and vascular reaction. The mask instantly and deeply moisturizes the skin, maintaining this effect at the cell level. Restores water balance. Eliminates the feeling of tightness, dryness, irritation and shedding. Possesses a visible softening and calming effect. Increases skin tonus and elasticity, significantly improves its microrelief. Cosmetologist’s advice: In case of severe dryness or shedding, apply the ultra moisturizing Ultramoister mask (art. 0475) and then the Nutrition mask (art. 0477). This combination of the masks is also effective after peeling, dermabrasion, cleaning, weathering, sunburn and any other effects that are damaging to the skin. The main active ingredients:  High molecular weight hyaluronic acid distributes over the surface of the skin, protecting it from dryness, irritation, UV radiation and the associated photoaging. Instantly smoothes and tightens the skin. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid gets into the deeper layers of the skin up to the level of the dermis, restoring the hydrobalance from the inside. Accelerates the regeneration processes and boosts the effects of other active components of the cosmetic products. Slows down the aging processes. Nanosilver (silver citrate), the most bioavailable and safe form of nanosilver. Possesses anti-allergic and antibacterial properties. Moisturizes and removes inflammation. Stimulates fast healing of the damaged skin and irritations. HydraporineTM provides long-lasting hydration and enhances the protective abilities of the skin. Plankton Artemia Salina extract increases elasticity, stimulates the production of the important skin proteins: collagen, keratin, fibronectin. Recharges cells with energy, protects against external stress, enhances the skin's natural resistance to ultraviolet radiation, and slows down photoaging. Hyaluronic acid increases the water-retaining properties of the skin, improves its condition and helps strengthen the roots.