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Moisturizing alginate mask, 20 g

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Moisturizing Alginate Mask (Hydra Mask) is one of the most effective facial skin care products created basedcon the patented active ingredient Thali'Source. This innovative ingredient is obtained from brown seaweed, which is famous for its rich content of incredibly useful polysaccharides and oligosaccharides for the dermis. In addition, we add hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and algae to the composition, which makes the product even more valuable and effective. Here, each component works to moisturize and take care of the skin, so the positive effect is noticeable after the first application!
How does the mask work? After using the beauty product, the skin is perfectly moisturized and tightened, inflammation calms down, pores are cleaned and narrowed, traces of acne and acne become less noticeable, pigmentation lightens, blood circulation increases, and age-related changes, on the contrary, slow down. The face acquires a fresh, well-groomed appearance with a light healthy blush. Suitable for the care of all types of dermis, especially fading and prone to dryness.
*** We pack a Moisturizing Alginate Mask (Hydra Mask) in small and easy-to-use sachets. Each contains 20 g of dry mixture, which is enough for 1 procedure.
Benefits of ingirdients:

Thali'Source is a unique component that is the base of the moisturizing alginate mask and is distinguished by a powerful moisturizing, soothing, cleansing and tightening effect.

Marine collagen effectively moisturizes the skin, compensates for the loss of amino acids, increases elasticity, reduces the number of wrinkles, accelerates the process of tissue regeneration, relieves inflammation, lightens pigmentation and freckles, tones, returns smoothness and softness.

Low molecular hyaluronic acid saturates the skin with moisture and, creating a thin invisible film on the surface, helps to retain it. Moreover, the substance provides elasticity, strengthens, relieves dullness, smoothes relief and protects the skin from external factors.

Seaweed is rich in niacin, retinol, macro-and microorganisms, ascorbic acid, lipids, mono- and disaccharides, phenolic compounds and vitamins (A, B1 PP, B2). Thanks to these ingredients, they moisturize the skin and prevent moisture evaporation, as well as improve blood circulation, fight pigmentation, exfoliate dead cells, improve elasticity and nourish with useful elements.

How to properly dilute and apply a Moisturizing Alginate Mask?
Pour 20 g of powder into a bamboo bowl or other container, but not a metal one. Add 40-50 ml of cold water (≈ 20°C), and then stir quickly and thoroughly until a homogeneous mass without lumps is obtained (the consistency of it should resemble thick sour cream). Using a special spatula, apply the mixture in a 2-5 mm layer to the cleansed skin of the neck and face, including the eyelids and lips. Evenly distribute the Moisturizing Alginate Mask, moving from the bottom up along the massage lines. After 25-30 minutes, starting from the bottom and sides, carefully remove the formed film from the neck and face. After that, wash your face with water or wipe your skin with a tonic and, if desired, apply your favorite care product. We recommend conducting such beauty rituals 3 times a week.
*** Prepare a Moisturizing Alginate Mask immediately before use, because within 3-5 minutes it hardens and becomes unusable.

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