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Moroccan clay gassul with hemp and flax" mask, 40 ml

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The "Moroccan Ghassoul clay with hemp and flax" Mask is a 100% organic facial skin care product. We offer to buy the product in the form of powder, packaged in glass flasks (40 ml) and closed with a reliable lid. The vessels are absolutely ecological and airtight.
What is the result? The "Morocco Ghassoul with hemp, flax" Mask is a rich source of trace elements useful for skin health. It deeply cleanses and narrows the pores, nourishes the dermis, tones, increases elasticity, removes dead cells, reduces inflammation, relieves peeling. The face becomes smoother, acquires an even matte color and a well-groomed appearance. Suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive, allergic and problematic.
The use of the components of the "Moroccan clay Gassul with hemp and flax" Mask:
Moroccan Clay Gassul is the main component of the "Moroccan clay Gassul with hemp and flax" Mask, containing iron, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, silicon, magnesium and other elements. Lead-free. Thanks to this composition, volcanic clay Gassul (Rassul) from Morocco perfectly cleanses the skin from various "dirt", removes toxins, regulates lipid balance, increases elasticity, tightens pores, relieves puffiness and smoothes shallow wrinkles. The face becomes noticeably lighter, smooth, soft and silky, without dryness and peeling.
Rosemary extractenhances blood flow, cleanses, prevents the appearance of comedones, rejuvenates, improves tone and color, tightens pores, relieves swelling, smoothes wrinkles, restores elasticity, has an antiseptic effect, helps with excessive greasiness, and also removes pigmentation, scars, acne and traces of them.
Lavender extractdisinfects the skin, increases blood circulation, treats acne and other diseases of the dermis, smoothes wrinkles, soothes inflammation, relieves redness and itching, regenerates, brightens and cleanses.
Hemp extract contains more than 480 active substances, including vitamins (B, C, A, E), phosphorus, zinc, amino acids, iron, fiber, magnesium, etc. The components of the plant are quickly absorbed into the skin of the face, returning it a beautiful color, relieving inflammation, eliminating age spots and acne marks. Does not clog the pores. prevents premature hair loss; It nourishes and moisturizes dry skin, and helps to balance sebum production in oily skin.
Flax extract is famous for its healing, nourishing and rejuvenating properties. The seeds of the plant improve the relief and color, increase elasticity, cleanse the keratinized epithelium, eliminate micro-damage, reduce the number of wrinkles, resist aging, retain moisture and neutralize the effect of UV.
Myrtle extractfights acne, pimples and other skin rashes, has an antioxidant effect, accelerates healing, soothes inflammatory processes, nourishes with beneficial trace elements, improves the color and overall condition of the skin.
Clove tree extract maintains the skin tone, relieves puffiness, refreshes, soothes inflammation, eliminates bacteria, treats serious skin diseases and injuries (acne, furunculosis, scabies, burns, wounds, bruises, cuts).
Nettle extract improves tone, moisturizes, promotes rejuvenation, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, removes peeling, restores metabolism, accelerates damage healing, saturates with useful trace elements.
Rose extractincreases the elasticity and firmness of the skin, eliminates irritation, removes peeling, smoothes fine wrinkles, tightens pores, controls the sebaceous glands, gives softness, tones, improves color, refreshes and aromatizes.

Application of the "Moroccan clay Gassul with hemp and flax" Mask:
Pour the powder into a glass, ceramic or wooden bowl (not metal). Then slowly pour in warm filtered water, stirring constantly. The consistency of the mask should resemble thick sour cream. Apply the paste on the face and neck (avoiding the area around the eyes and lips), distribute evenly. After 5-10 minutes, when the clay begins to lighten and dry out, carefully remove the mask with warm water. Do not leave the product on your face until it is completely dry.