Mask "laminaria"

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The seas and oceans have created wonderful beauty products. They are natural and effective, but require preparation for use. The marine series of products is based on high-quality Japanese kelp. The production technology made it possible to create Japanese kelp powder while preserving the original valuable substances. But now they have become available to the skin. The sea element takes care of your beauty.
Action: the main action of the mask "LAMINARIA" is manifested by the powder of Japanese kelp. The production technology made it possible to preserve its unique natural acids - guluronic and mannuronic. They penetrate deep into the skin and restore it. Active ingredients work at the cellular level and improve the condition of even the most problematic skin. Regular use of the mask will allow you to feel the beauty of a well-groomed appearance.
Accept sea gifts!
Moisturizes, evens out complexion, relieves inflammation and nourishes the skin.
Contributes to the preservation of moisture in the epidermis thanks to vit B5.
Increases skin elasticity thanks to silicon, copper, molybdenum.
Eliminates old spots from acne and acne.
Stimulates cell regeneration, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
Clears the skin of toxic substances.
Application: pour 1 teaspoon (5g) of powder into a non-metallic container and add the required amount of liquid at a temperature of 40-50C and mix thoroughly. The consistency should be creamy. Apply to cleansed and damp skin for 10-20 minutes and rinse with cool water. For dry skin types, do not allow the mask to dry out on the skin. Use up to two times a week.

Important: when removing the mask, do not be too zealous, the remaining assets on the skin will be absorbed for another 1-3 hours. Apply the appropriate type of cream or tonic.
Ingredients: kelp powder, fucus powder.
Purpose: for all skin types. Sensitive skin may react with redness.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to components. Do an elbow test.

Release form: ultrafine powder in a doypack weighing 30 g.

Storage conditions: at a temperature not exceeding +25C in a tightly closed container.

Expiration date: twelve months from the date of manufacture.