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Squalane for the face, 30 ml

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Squalane 100% is a more stable, supplemented with hydrogen molecules, form of squalene – that is, oil, which is an integral component of human sebum, and is also found in the tissues of many plants and animals. Thanks to the improved formula, Squalane, in comparison with squalene, oxidizes much more slowly, is more resistant to high temperatures and is able to maintain its effectiveness for several years. Such features have made this ingredient very popular in the field of cosmetology around the world.
How is Squalane obtained? Squalane from Lunnitsa is a 100% natural product that we produce exclusively from olive vegetable oil. The resulting solution has a pleasant light texture, is instantly absorbed, does not leave an unpleasant feeling of greasiness and stickiness. It is not comedogenic and not allergenic. It is recommended for all skin types, especially dehydrated, sensitive and prone to dryness. Suitable even for allergy sufferers and small children.
*** By the way, squalane was first made in 1916 and shark liver was used as its source. Modern cosmetologists in most cases get the ingredient from vegetable raw materials and call it "phytosqualan".
What is the use of Squalane 100% oil (Squalane) for:

Skin. Penetrating deeply into the skin, it perfectly moisturizes it and helps the cells retain moisture inside. In addition, the product softens the dermis, relieves inflammation, reduces the number of wrinkles, increases elasticity, suspends age-related changes, regenerates, removes roughness, eliminates cracks, makes the tone more uniform, provides a light antibacterial effect and increases protection from aggressive external factors.
*** Squalane 100% soothes irritated skin with dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Hair. Nourishes hair follicles, strengthens and glues keratin scales, restores natural radiance and smoothness, and also softens the scalp. Helps to reduce the negative impact on the hair of wind, snow, rain, high and low temperatures. Suitable for all hair types.

How to use 100% Squalane oil?

Squalane can be used for:
Skin care – apply a few drops of oil to the cleansed skin, distribute the product, moving along the massage lines, and wait for full absorbtion. It is not necessary to apply another product on top. You can process the body, hands and face, including the lips and the area around the eyes. Suitable for vacuum body massage and facial gymnastics (facefitness).
Hair improvement – pour a little solution into your palms, warm and apply only to the tips or distribute along the entire length of the strands, avoiding the roots. There is no need to wash it off.
Fixing makeup. Squalane evenly distributes the pigments of cosmetics, preserving the saturation and durability of their colors. To use the make-up product, you need to apply the solution to slightly moist skin and distribute it over the entire surface of the face.
Enrichment of other products. Only 2-3 drops of oil significantly increase the degree of penetration of the product, improve its properties and texture. You can add Squalane 100% to any facial, body and hair care products: shampoo, cream, bath oil, lotion, gel, mask.
Squalane 100% is suitable both for daily use and as an SOS product, that is, for urgent "resuscitation" of the skin and hair after prolonged exposure to external factors.