Hydrophilic facial cleansing oil, 200 ml

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Hydrophilic oil is one of the best makeup removers, which easily removes even the brightest and most waterproof makeup in just a minute. What's the secret? It should be said right away that this is not an ordinary oil in its usual sense. Because the composition of the beauty product, in addition to a mixture of oils and a number of additional ingredients, includes an emulsifier. It is thanks to the emulsifier that the oil solution turns into a light air emulsion in the first second of contact with water.
The formula is as follows: hydrophilic oil + water = emulsion
Who is Hydrophilic Oil suitable for? Absolutely for all types of skin, especially for oily and problematic (contrary to the popular prejudice that oil solutions cannot be used for skin prone to increased fat content and rashes).
We have included 7 natural oils, 2 plant extracts and 1 vitamin in the composition of this miracle product. Therefore, our product not only deeply cleanses the dermis from dirt and sebum but also nourishes the skin with a complex of useful trace elements.
*** In order to use the hydrophilic product as economically as possible, we poured it into bottles with a dispenser pump (200 ml). It is convenient to use and not a single drop is lost.
The Use of Hydrophilic Oil ingredients:

Rosemary leaf extract has a lifting effect, prevents premature ageing, tones, soothes inflammatory processes, cleanses from pathological rashes, lightens pigmentation.

Green tea extract relieves irritation, eliminates bacteria, gives softness, accelerates wound healing, tones, neutralizes free radicals, maintains water balance, eliminates age spots, reduces puffiness and prolongs youth.

Essential oil from sage leaves accelerates blood circulation, moisturizes, cleanses pores, smoothes wrinkles, fights acne, relieves inflammation and nourishes the deep layers of the epidermis.

Wheat germ oil gives freshness and elasticity, moisturizes and nourishes, removes black dots and greasy shine, slows down the ageing process, protects from ultraviolet light, evens out the colour and tightens the contour of the face.

Geranium essential oil helps to restore the epidermis, smoothes fine wrinkles, regulates fat balance, relieves peeling, soothes irritations, aromatizes.

Thyme (creeping thyme) oil is a strong antimicrobial and antiseptic substance that reduces the production of subcutaneous fat, reduces pores, improves complexion, eliminates acne rashes and gives the skin a matte finish.

Avocado oil moisturizes, accelerates regeneration, gets rid of germs and bacteria, nourishes with useful substances, prevents the appearance of early wrinkles, fights age spots and reduces the level of rosacea.

Olive oil accelerates the renewal of the epidermis, moisturizes from the inside, prevents premature ageing, gives softness, tones, strengthens protection from UV rays and other external factors.

Grapeseed oil has regenerating and antioxidant properties, stimulates collagen synthesis, softens and fortifies, relieves inflammation, moisturizes and narrows pores.

Vitamin E preserves the protective barrier of the skin, accelerates healing, helps to maintain the pH balance, prevents the appearance of rashes and blackheads, effectively smoothes the relief, protects against photoaging.

How to use Hydrophilic Oil?

Shake the bottle well!
Then squeeze 2-3 drops of liquid into dry palms, rub it a little with your hands and apply it to your face (also dry). Next, massage the mass thoroughly into the skin for 3-4 minutes. During this time, the face receives a light massage, the makeup dissolves, and the solution penetrates deeply into the pores. Next, sprinkle your face with water, massage again and rinse the emulsion with warm water and wash again using your usual cleanser (to remove the remnants of the product).
We recommend storing the product in the refrigerator. So the product becomes thicker and cooler, which, when used, gives the skin a pleasant freshness.

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