Cleansing gel 3 in 1 makeup removing cleansing gel for normal and combination skin

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The gel thoroughly cleanses the skin of makeup and removes oily shine in the T-zone, not overdrying the rest of the face. Intensively cleanses and removes makeup particles from pores, moisturizes the skin. Helps to eliminate inflammatory elements and prevents their appearance. Gives the skin a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, improves complexion. Mattifies, narrows pores. Cosmetologist’s advice: after the contact with chlorinated water, use the Piel Cosmetics skin tonic or spray according to the skin type to restore pH balance. The main active ingredients: high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, nanosilver. Aloe vera gel provides the necessary hydration, maintains skin elasticity. Accelerates recovery processes. Dwarf palm extract eliminates the negative effects of androgens, which stimulate excessive sebum production. Prevents the occurrence of inflammatory elements and seborrhea. The retinoid complex has the effect of light peeling, eliminates shedding, smoothes the surface of the skin. Exhibits antioxidant activity.

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