Lelya facial serum for problematic skin, 30 ml

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LELYA Serum (30 ml) is a strong product for problematic skin care, the
concentration of active ingredients of which is 8-10 times higher than that of
other similar products. It has no equal in terms of impact. We have created this
beauty product based on the innovative probiotic PreBIULIN AGA, as well as such
substances useful for the health and beauty of the dermis as hyaluronic acid,
milk protein and vitamin E. Each component of the composition serves to
eliminate the "imperfections" of problematic skin.
*** Please note: in comparison with the cream, the serum penetrates much
deeper into the dermis and is aimed specifically at solving certain skin problems
(acne, dehydration, pigmentation, etc.). But the products do not replace, but
complement each other.
What effect does LELYA Serum provide? After applying the product to the face,
the microflora of the skin instantly increases and its protective functions from the
effects of external factors and preservatives that are part of cosmetics increase. In
addition, LELYA Serum deeply moisturizes, accelerates regeneration, rejuvenates,
increases turgor, softens and reduces the possibility of skin problems. As a result,
the face looks more fit, young, strong and well-rested. Rashes, inflammations and
other skin "defects" disappear and subsequently appear much less frequently.
The use of LELYA Serum ingredients:

Inulin (PreBIULIN AGA) is a new prebiotic of plant origin created by the Dutch
company "Gobiotics" based on inulin from chicory and blue agave. This substance
protects the skin from the negative effects of preservatives, strengthens the microflora,
accelerates the recovery processes, provides hydration of the dermis through its
microbiota for 24 hours.
Hyaluronic acid effectively moisturizes problematic skin, thereby improving its turgor,
increasing elasticity, levelling the relief and tightening the oval of the face. The
substance creates a thin film on the surface of the skin, which prevents the evaporation of
moisture and at the same time enhances protection from external influences.
Milk protein is the main ingredient of LELYA Serum, which is known for its excellent
moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and softening properties. It also enhances
the protective functions of the dermis, accelerates the production of collagen, promotes
even pigmentation, gives smoothness, helps to preserve youth and freshness.
Tocopherol (vitamin E) is a strong antioxidant that also protects skin cells from damage,
helps in the fight against carcinogens, improves estrogen production, smoothes, prevents
dryness, evens out the colour, regenerates and tightens.

Features of the use of LELYA Serum

Clean the skin from dirt, dust, makeup and wipe with a tonic. Apply literally 2-3
drops of the product to the fingertips, and then quickly distribute it over the face
with gentle patting movements, following strictly the massage lines. You don't
need to rub it in, but to "tap" it into the dermis. After 5-10 minutes, when the
LELYA Serum is completely absorbed, "seal" it with cream.
*** Why apply the cream over the serum? The serum is an aid to the skin from
the inside, and the cream – from the outside. In addition, the first contributes to
the fact that the ingredients of the second are better absorbed and show their
capabilities (by 30%).

● hypersensitivity or allergy;
● individual intolerance;