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Booster serum enhancer "g2" for enhancing cosmetics care effect

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Why do we need boosters or conductors? Let's try to find the answer to the question: is your valuable and rich in active ingredients cosmetic product working as it should work? The skin is the largest organ - it is a barrier that protects against external negative factors (harmful substances, free radicals, ultraviolet radiation, etc.). The skin is also reluctant to absorb substances that are beneficial to it, so that the barrier properties significantly reduce the penetration of beneficial ingredients of cosmetics inside.  Some ingredients of cosmetic products remain on the surface, providing only superficial moisturizing, since the moisture from the product quickly evaporates, and the active ingredient itself crystallizes on the surface of the skin.  This deprives cosmetics of effectiveness, and us - the expected result from the use of an expensive product.  An effective solution to the problem is cosmetic procedures, which, with the help of special devices, help the active substances to penetrate deeper. But modern women do not always have time for regular visits to the beautician, but they always want to look like they are undergoing cosmetic procedures every day. So, if you want to achieve the maximum effect from the use of home cosmetics, use the booster serum "Enhancer G2" - a second-generation conductor. Serum promotes the penetration of cosmetic ingredients into the deep layers of the skin, indirectly affecting up to the level of the dermis, which makes your care close to the effectiveness of care using cosmetic devices during salon procedures.  Polysaccharide Micromatrix, which is the main ingredient of the product: - promotes more effective penetration of active ingredients into the skin. - has the function of "controlled release of assets" that forms an invisible film on the surface of the skin, which ensures longer hydration and absorption of active ingredients. - helps to cool the skin by 7 degrees, which is especially beneficial for the skin around the eyes. - additional serum makes the skin soft and velvety. - Serum activates the work of antioxidants, vitamins, moisturizing and nourishing components. Due to which your cosmetic products become more effective. - Especially recommended for use with serums rich in active ingredients. - Using Enhancer G2 in combination with Piel Cosmetics special care products (for problematic skin, against rosacea, pigmentation and mimic wrinkles, for regeneration), you will get a much faster and more noticeable effect. How and when to use a booster serum: Serum is used after cleansing and toning the skin, before applying basic care, that is, before serums, creams, masks. For convenience, Enhancer can be mixed with your skin care product and applied as a premix. Why haven't we added this component to every one of our products? - Adding an active ingredient to each product would significantly increase its cost. - Also, you can combine a separate product with any cosmetics for your care Main active ingredient: Micromatrix® Fractile is a transdermal agent designed to transport active substances through the lipid barrier and skin cell membranes directly into the cells.