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Spectrum cream spf 50 sunscreen cream for face

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The cream not only protects the skin from the entire spectrum of UV radiation, but also provides complete skin care: nutrition, hydration and regeneration. Prevents the development of a sunburn. Provides prevention of the occurrence and further aggravation of hyperpigmentation. Counteracts premature aging, in particular photoaging and wrinkles. Fights against premature aging, including photoaging and the development of wrinkles. Activates regeneration, eliminates dryness, shedding and irritation. Has a light texture, does not leave the feeling of greasiness and stickiness. Cream protects against a wide spectrum of UV radiation, as it contains a balanced filter system of different types chemical filters, physical filters, natural filters. For safety, the system is further enhanced with antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, which are actively produced under the influence of UV radiation, accelerating the aging process and harming the skin. The formula also contains active ingredients that protect against damage directly to the DNA of cells by UV radiation and temperature stress, which takes protection to a completely different level. In addition to everything, the product contains active ingredients that slightly lower the temperature of the skin, eliminating the risk of thermal damage. Cosmetologist’s recommendation: in conditions of the intense sun (on the beach, in hot countries) and if there is hyperpigmentation, repeat the application of the cream every two hours. If irritation from chlorinated or salt water appears, apply a Regeneration mask (art. 0474) every other day overnight. The main active ingredients: A complex of photostable physical and chemical filters — reflect the sun rays, transform and scatter light. Hydraporine™ provides long-lasting hydration and enhances the protective properties of the skin. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes, protects the skin from dryness, irritation, UV radiation and the associated photoaging. Instantly smoothes and tightens the skin. Nanosilver (silver citrate), the most bioavailable and safe form of nanosilver. Possesses anti-allergic and antibacterial properties. Moisturizes and removes inflammation. Stimulates fast healing of the damaged skin and irritations. Vitamin E protects from the damaging effect of free radicals, increases skin tonus and elasticity. Panthenol moisturizes, sustains accelerated regeneration, soothes. Usage instruction: apply a small amount of the cream to the clean skin before the sun exposure. Spread the cream evenly on the skin. While on the beach, renew your SPF protection every 2-3 hours (depending on the type and condition of the skin).

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