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Regenerating mask for dyed hair with hydrolyzed 5 cereals proteins

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Sensolene®, TEGO® Amid S 18 Olivem® 1000, SymHair® Restore and powerful natural assets that provide noticeable results after the first use and have a prolonged effect.

Regenerating mask for dyed hair with Proteins helps prevent hair from dullness, dryness and brittleness. It keeps save the colour pigment, enhances damaged hair making it soft and strong, prevents hair from split ends and tangling, and immensely facilitates brushing.
Contains 4 patented innovative formulas.

• Sensolene® is a plant hypoallergenic silicone analogue, which is obtained from olive oil. Retains moisture, increases hair elasticity, restores the barrier properties of the scalp by optimizing the outer lipid layer. It is easily distributed on hair and is quickly absorbed.
• TEGO® Amid S 18 - palm oil conditioner. Removes static charge, facilitates combing and makes hair docile. Additionally gives volume and shine.
• Olivem® 1000 - hypoallergenic natural emulsifier based on fatty acids from olive oil. Its composition corresponds to skin lipids. Accelerates the absorption of useful components of the mask and restores the protective and moisture-retaining skin barrier.
• SymHair® Restore - a restorative component consisting of native wheat protein gliadin. Fills in damaged areas of the hair cuticle. Eliminates brittleness and split ends. SymHair® Restore has clinical evidence of the effectiveness of products to repair damaged and colored hair.
• Hydrolyzate of 5 cereal proteins (wheat, oats, corn, rye, barley) - strengthens and restores damaged hair. Contains phytokeratins - analogs of hair protein. They penetrate into the hair shaft, reduce its porosity and increase elasticity. The hydrolyzate nourishes the scalp, stimulates collagen production. Liftilin protein forms a protective film on the surface of the hair.
• Abyssinian mustard seed oil - contains unsaturated fatty acids and a large list of vitamins that stimulate blood circulation, improve the nutrition of hair follicles and prevent hair loss. Lipids are quickly absorbed, making skin and hair soft and pleasant to the touch.
• Amla oil extract - eliminates dandruff, skin irritation. Thanks to bioflavonoids and vitamin C, which are part of it, it prevents damage to the hair follicles. Amla pectins stimulate hair growth, give shine shine, and proteins are involved in collagen production.
• Hemp oil - fatty acids of this oil actively moisturize the hair and scalp, form a protective film on the surface of each hair, regulate the secretion of sebum. Fat-soluble vitamins nourish dermal cells and stimulate hair growth.
• Broccoli oil - eliminates dryness and brittleness. Oil molecules envelop each hair and retain moisture, helping to repair the cortex - the middle part of the rod. Due to this, the curls gain elasticity and strength.
• Inca Inch Oil - contains active antioxidants that increase the hair's resistance to free radical damage, improve blood circulation to the scalp, stimulate cell regeneration and rapid hair growth.

150 ml