Macadami restore shampoo restoring shampoo for damaged hair

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Rich in active ingredients, the shampoo composition not only provides hair restoration and nutrition, but also supports a healthy microflora of the scalp. Stimulates the growth of strong and beautiful hair. Gently cleanses hair and scalp without overdrying it. Provides delicate care for hair, damaged by colouring, perming, styling and stiff hair accessories. Relieves irritation and itching. Strengthens hair and smooths the scales of the hair shaft, protects brittle ends. Does not contain SLES and SLS. Cosmetologist’s advice: for dry and damaged hair, a complex treatment is necessary — a combination of shampoo, the Macadami mask for damaged hair (art. 0485), the Macadami Restore serum for hair tips (art. 0481) and the Hair serum for the growth and strengthening (art. 048). The main active ingredients:  Macadamia oil smoothes and restores the texture of damaged hair. Keratin «cementes» tiny roughness on the cuticle of the hair shaft, restoring the hair strength, elasticity and smoothness. Hyaluronic acid and wheat proteins moisturize the scalp and increase its moisture-holding properties. Restore hair smoothness and softness, prevent overdrying. Panthenol strengthens the roots and increases hair volume. Prevents the appearance of dandruff. Apply a small amount of the shampoo to wet hair along the entire length, foam, rinse with water, repeat. To achieve an optimal result, it is necessary to use the product in combination with a hair mask. Important: avoid the contact with eyes. In case the shampoo gets on a mucous lining, thoroughly rinse with water.

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