Professional sulfate-free shampoo for dry and dyed hair healthy hair 500 ml

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Professional sulfate-free shampoo for dry and dyed hair Healthy Hair 500 ml

Professional barnfate shampoo for careful care for dry and/or dyed hair. The main advantage of shampoo; directed action to recovery
Keratin shell and elimination of uneven adjoining scales of hair, preserving the color of dyed hair.

The dyed hair needs special care so that its bright color and the silky radiance are pleasing to you as long as possible. A special shampoo formula saturates the skin and hair with nutrient components, protects against the negative effects of the environment. The active substances of shampoo have a therapeutic and restorative effect, moisturize, nourish, return vitality and luxurious shine with dry and damaged curls. After applying shampoo, dyed hair becomes strong, voluminous, and their color is brighter and more rich!

Shampoo components:

Keratin hydrolyzate; Restores the structure of the hair.
The Puricare complex - an asset of ma funngi seeds that restores the hair rod, with a study by 64% reduces the number of raised scales, facilitates combing and gives shine.
Resisthyal & Trade; - synergetic combination of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weight, increases the stability of hair to mechanical and thermal loads, protecting the hair cuticle from stratification, soothes dry epidermis, eliminates peeling and a sense of tightness. Gives resistance to pollution.
Prodew 400 - moisturizes the hair, increasing the content of moisture in it, the hair becomes more smooth, elastic and stress -resistant.
The Hibiscin LP Anthocin complex performs an antioxidant, antioxidant function, protects the hair from leaching of the pigment and ensures the preservation of its brightness.

Shampoo characteristics:

Application time: universal
Classification: professional
Appointment: for dry and dyed hair
Paul: Unisex
Type of hair: dry
Volume: 500ML

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