The basal spray-serum for hair growth and a decrease in health hair 50 ml loss

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The basal spray-serum for hair growth and a decrease in Health Hair 50 ml loss

Spray; serum to prevent hair loss and restore their structure. The formula of serum saturates the hair with keratin and vitamins, healing and
Stimulating the growth. The adherence to regular use the hair is preserved in a healthy state, and the inherent natural shine returns. Suitable for all types of hair, not
Requires flushing.

Hair serum components:

A complex of amino acids, proteins, vitamins B5 and B7, which prevents and reduces hair loss, promotes growth, has an air conditioning effect.
Successfully fights with hair loss.
Folic acid generates new cells that stimulate active hair growth, helps to reduce loss, helps restore the structure and protect the hair from the appearance of sore tips
Keratin hydrolyzate - penetrates into the hair through tiny breaks, irregularities and microcracks, as if sealing, gluing it from the inside, restores weakened hair and give a healthy shine.
Vitamin E stimulates the growth of new hair by restoring damaged hair follicles.
The complex amino acidvuvuvizes the hair, increasing the content in them. Moisture, hair becomes more smooth and elastic.

Hair sera characteristics:

Application time: universal
Classification: professional
Purpose: cleansing, nutrition, moisturizing, strengthening
Paul: for women
Type of hair: for all types of hair
Volume: 50ML