Love&loss "baby hair

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A mini set with hair products, which includes:

1) Sulfate-free shampoo DAILY USE SHAMPOO
Shampoo without silicones and with natural surfactants gently cleanses the scalp. Our special formula, with carefully selected active ingredients, regulates excessive sebum secretion, cleanses and balances hair and scalp, helping to relieve discomfort from irritation and itching. The cleansing provided by this shampoo improves the penetration ability of the scalp. After it, the following products work even better on the hair. The shampoo is suitable for daily use.

2) Restoring hair conditioner DAILY USE CONDITIONER
The unique formula is composed of softening components that give strands softness and shine, making them more docile and silky. Natural oils and a natural complex of vitamin E contribute to the saturation of cells with moisture and optimization of water balance. After applying the conditioner, the hair is easy to comb and can be styled. This product nourishes and moisturizes the hair throughout the day, improving its structure along the entire length and protecting it from the effects of negative factors.
3) Silk elastic band LL
Means volumes: 100 ml/100 ml