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Set natural kraft botanical soap 300g

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It's cute - it's actually a great piece of art. It is made with all the care and love so that every piece of it becomes an imprint of nature. First, I go on a journey to nature, collecting grass blades and aromatic flowers that will serve as inspiration for my art.
Then the magical process begins. With the help of clay, I create bas-reliefs that reproduce natural patterns that I am lucky enough to discover during my travels. Each print of clay is like a discovery that nature gives me.
But this is only the beginning. To create this natural soap, I use these bas-reliefs as patterns for prints. This process is the real magic of art, which requires time and attention. But every minute spent on this process is an investment in your joy and enjoyment.
The soap you receive is a real masterpiece, in which every piece impresses with its unique beauty and natural touch. Give yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural world every time you wash. Feel the harmony and peace that this soap brings and enjoy the natural touch in every drop of water.
The set consists of 2 types of soap
1. Blue sage and sandalwood
This fragrance stands out for its purity and tenderness that easily seduces your senses. The top notes of bergamot bring freshness and energy, opening the fragrance with the effect of a pleasant awakening. In the heart of the composition, lavender and sage are intertwined, creating a soft and soothing atmosphere. These middle notes give the fragrance depth and expressiveness, giving you a sense of calm.
The base of the fragrance opens with sandalwood, which creates a subtle warmth. It adds sweetness and sophistication to the notes, creating an elegant conclusion to the fragrance. The harmony of bergamot, lavender, sage and sandalwood creates a symphony of scents that enchants your sensory receptors and helps relax and unwind your soul.
This fragrance oil is reminiscent of BBW's Sandalwood + Blue Sage fragrance, it has similar notes, but is enriched with patchouli essential oil, which adds a rich, woody accord with light earthy notes. This makes this fragrance even more profound and captivating, transforming it into an unparalleled expression of sensuality and tranquility.
Overall, this clean, soft fragrance with notes of warm sandalwood, bright bergamot, soft lavender and clary sage creates an unforgettable atmosphere that affects your mood and helps create a calm and comfortable environment.
2. Citrus White Tea is an elegant and refreshing composition that combines the best aspects of citrus and the delicacy of white tea.
Top notes: At the first breath, you will feel the bright and precious aroma of fresh citrus fruits. Juicy notes of lemon and tangerine create an energetic and invigorating atmosphere.
Heart notes: Gradually, the fragrance blossoms with the tenderness of blossoming white tea. Floral chords, reminiscent of the aroma of white tea flowers, open from the middle. They add tenderness and peace to the aroma, creating an atmosphere of harmony and relaxation. Base notes: Finally, the fragrance transforms with soft base notes that give it persistence and warmth. These are notes of dry woody musk that complement the aromatic profile, giving it warmth and longevity.
"Citrus White Tea" is a fragrance that comes to life with the freshness of citrus, the tenderness of white tea and the warmth of woody musk. It creates an atmosphere of refreshment and tranquility, ideal for those who wish to enjoy luxurious washing and relaxation.
Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Sodium Sweet Almondate, Sodium Palm Kernel, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palmate (Edible Oil), Sodium Ricinoleate, Macadamia Trifoliate Seed Oil, Water, Sodium Lactate, Sodium Citrate, Perfume
The weight of each soap is 145-155g
The weight of soap in a set is about 300g
The price is shown in a stylish handmade box made of designer paper.
Country of manufacture: Ukraine, city of Odesa