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Mineral mixture "hammam" with gassul clay and lavender, 300 g

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A hot detox bath with Hassul and lavender (Hammam) is a natural remedy that effectively cleanses the body of toxins and creates the effect of a real Turkish bath - Hammam. With this set you will be able to carry out an ancient oriental ritual at home, at any convenient time.
Hammam is not just staying in a hot, humid room, but a whole philosophy. In ancient times, going to the Hammam was mandatory for everyone, as it was believed that "cleanliness is half the faith." Turkish bath cleanses the body, increases immunity, improves the condition of the skin and the work of all systems, regulates blood pressure, helps in the fight against excess weight and cellulite, as well as relieves fatigue and stress, gives true pleasure and good mood.
*** You can buy the product Hot detox bath with Gassul and lavender (Hammam) in bags weighing 300 grams from us.
The use of the set of Hot detox bath with Gassul and lavender ingridients:

Himalayan pink salt. The composition of this bath salt includes calcium, magnesium, fluorine, potassium, iodine and other trace elements. With the help of such a set, the mineral helps: the skin to get rid of inflammation, acne, dirt and keratinized cells; the body to rejuvenate, remove toxins and toxins, relieve physical tension and fatigue.

Moroccan clay Gassoul (Rassul) is a natural mineral that is traditionally used in the Hammam Turkish bath and in Eastern cosmetology in general. Volcanic clay contains magnesium, iron, calcium, silicon and aluminum, which makes it an invaluable product in the beauty industry. Gassul clay narrows the pores, regulates the fat balance of the skin, cleanses from toxins and impurities. The skin becomes younger, lighter and tightened.

Soda is a powerful product in the fight against cellulite, flabby skin and excess weight. Hot soda baths enhance blood circulation, regulate metabolic processes, remove excess fluid, pull out harmful substances and expand pores well. The skin becomes softer, cleaner and firmer. The body relaxes, the nervous system calms down, muscle tension goes away.

Avocado oil is a rich set of substances useful for humans (phosphorus, potassium, vitamins, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron). Due to this, age-related skin changes are slowed down, toxins are eliminated, the hydrolipidic balance is normalized, elasticity improves, inflammation and rashes decrease.

Lavender oil soothes, analgesics and strengthens. The plant improves blood circulation, relieves insomnia, helps to cope with depression, fights acne and the effects of acne, accelerates the healing process of wounds, relieves inflammation. Lavender has strong antifungal and antiseptic properties.

*** We have made the concentration of the ingredients of this bath salt neutral so that everyone can use the product.
How to take Hot detox baths with Hassul and lavender (Hammam)?

Firstly, allocate time for water procedures, the Hammam does not accept haste. To fully benefit from bathing and reach the highest point of enjoyment, you need at least 20-30 minutes.
How to make a Hammam: add 100 grams of bath salt to warm water (38-40°C). If the water is highly chlorinated and you do not have special filters, neutralize the effect of chlorine with vitamin C (0.5 g). The Hammam bath is ready.
*** After a hot detox bath, without taking a shower, wrap yourself in a terry dressing gown or towel and relax for another 5-10 minutes with a cup of your favorite herbal / green tea or a glass of water with lemon.
Contraindications for Hammam:

intolerance to high temperatures;
allergy to one of the components of bath salts;
severe form of bronchial asthma;
epilepsy, myocardial infarction, tuberculosis;
infectious skin diseases;
varicose veins;
diseases accompanied by fever.

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