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Natural body deodorant, 20 g

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The frenzied pace of life, accompanied by a lot of stress and heavy loads, as well as a busy schedule, sports training and other factors - all of it leads to the fact that the human body begins to sweat intensely. This invariably causes a feeling of discomfort, including self-doubt. We have developed a natural Body Deodorant for additional protection of the skin from excess moisture, creating a feeling of freshness and purity.
The composition of the Deodorant contains only safe and useful components that help to maintain freshness and comfort throughout the day, as well as take comprehensive care of the skin. No alcohol, aluminum, parabens, preservatives, dyes and other dangerous "chemicals" (most of the ingredients of our Deodorant are natural, which are even edible).
*** It is important to understand: 99% of sweat is water and only 1% is magnesium and potassium salts. By itself, sweat has no smell. The source of the odor is the metabolic products of bacteria that actively develop in a moist, warm environment.
How does the natural Deodorant from Lunnitsa work?
Deodorant absorbs moisture and has a powerful antibacterial effect. It reduces the growth of odor-causing microorganisms and at the same time regulates the microflora of the epidermis. It does not clog the ducts of the sweat glands, and, therefore, does not violate thermoregulation and the removal of harmful substances from the body. This is especially important in hot weather and with heavy physical exertion (for example, during sports training, yoga or other types of activity).
Our deodorant, thanks to its natural composition, is absolutely safe, does not leave traces on clothes, has a pleasant aroma of essential oils. The result – freshness, purity and healthy skin.
Properties of natural Deodorant by Lunnitsa:
provides freshness for the whole day;
increases elasticity and firmness;
absorbs moisture;
soothes inflammatory processes;
prevents the active growth of bacteria;
moisturizes, gives softness and velvety;
enhances protection from external influences;
removes the feeling of dryness and tightness;
regenerates the surface layer of the epidermis;
harmless to health.
How to use natural Deodorant?
The consistency of the product is thick, plastic and very pleasant. It is applied and spread easily over the skin. It is absorbed quickly, without leaving a feeling of stickiness and greasiness. You can apply deodorant to the armpit area, as well as the feet, arms, bikini area and inner thighs.
Step-by-step instructions for use:
Preparation. First of all, take a shower and thoroughly clean the armpit area or other treated area of the body (preferably using soap). Then wipe dry.
Application. Distribute a small amount of Deodorant evenly with light massaging movements over the clean, dry skin of the armpits or the desired area.
The final stage. Wait until the product is completely absorbed. If necessary, blot the excess with a napkin.
Natural deodorant by Lunnitsa is suitable for daily use. The effect is visible from the 1st use. Protects throughout the day.
Advantages of natural Deodorant by Lunnitsa:
without alcohol;
without silicones;
the fragrance of natural essential oils;
leaves no marks on clothes;
used economically:
compact hygienic packaging;
protection for the whole day.

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