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Delicate soda toothpaste with soda and birch

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Introducing a series of safe toothpastes for children and older children. They are safe to brush your teeth with! These are important foods and we bring health to all our friends and family. We are against the daily use of poisons in microdoses. Agree - then join!
Action: friendly toothpaste DELICATE SODA AGOR with soda and birch and a safe composition. It has a natural composition of 99.4%. 0.6% is an easily digestible form of calcium for greater enamel mineralization.
The oral cavity is a complex and well-established microbiocenosis, and is a favorable environment for the growth and maintenance of microorganisms. According to different counting methods, from 250 to more than two thousand different microorganisms coexist in the oral cavity. Their number and types depend on the owner of the oral cavity. an increase in opportunistic microorganisms leads to various diseases. Acid-base balance has a significant effect on microorganisms.An alkaline environment helps to increase beneficial microflora. And this toothpaste contains ultra-pure BADDING SODA, it is in a dissolved state, and therefore does not damage the enamel. It significantly alkalizes the environment and contributes to the conditionally rapid restoration of microbiocenosis. It's simple, we only help the body. Tartar has an acidic index, soda simply softens it and it is eliminated by itself.BIRCH EXTRACT works powerfully against caries-causing bacteria and pathogenic microflora. The extract has a number of bioflavonoids, they strengthen capillaries and tissues from infections, stop inflammatory processes. Which is extremely important for people with damaged microflora and protective properties of the oral cavity: smokers, fast food lovers, coffee lovers, tea lovers, sweet tooth, alcohol lovers.DELICATE SODA toothpaste with soda and birch has a complex effect on the oral cavity: stops caries, cleans teeth from tartar, remineralizes enamel with natural minerals in ionic form, and eliminates bleeding. Plant components and minerals create harmony in the oral cavity. The paste is safe if accidentally swallowed, but should not be eaten. Soft surfactants based on renewable vegetable raw materials are responsible for the foaming properties of the paste, they are ECOCERT certified.
Application: for people from 6 years. Adaptation to the paste can take up to 1 week. Apply to a damp toothbrush and brush your teeth for 3 minutes. Rinse your mouth and smile sincerely.
Contraindications: hypersensitivity to components.

Release form: DELICATE SODA AGOR toothpaste with soda and birch has a beige color. Tube with screw cap. The body material of the tube is BPL, perfectly recyclable. Net weight - 100 g.

Storage conditions: at a temperature not exceeding +25C in a closed tube. Valid after opening within 2 months.

Expiration date: sixteen months from the date of manufacture.