Truffle candies healthy choice set 2 pcs

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Description: Chocolate toffee truffle. Candies that cannot be passed. The taste can transport you to the distant 19th century, where such a wonderful dessert was invented. The only thing known about truffles is that real chocolate truffles are made by hand, and they are. The advantage of these candies is their soft and delicate consistency. All ingredients are carefully, and most importantly, lovingly mixed and gently wrapped around a whole nut. And the most important thing is that the toffee truffle from Healthy Choice is a unique recipe that allowed us to combine an exquisite and unique taste in one candy.

Ingredients: Healthy Choice chocolate (buckwheat chocolate, milk chocolate with rooibos and buckwheat, dark chocolate 55 percent with raspberry-spirulina, coconut chocolate), Jerusalem artichoke syrup, cashew nuts, hazelnuts.

Net weight: 100 g

Energy and nutritional value per 100 g:
Energy value 2418.35 kJ | 578.4 - Kcal | Proteins - 6.7g Fats - 39.1 g Carbohydrates - 49.8.

Contains nuts

Storage conditions: Store in dry, clean, well-ventilated rooms that do not have extraneous odors, are not contaminated by pests of bread stocks, at a temperature of (18+\-3) degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of air not higher than 75 percent
Shelf life: 6 months