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"Twilight" 2023 paper/oil
27,5 * 31.5 inches

Technique: Impasto

Indulge in the mesmerizing beauty of nature with this stunning painted landscape. Captivating twilight shades of purple and blue create a serene atmosphere, transporting you to a peaceful state of mind.

The painting depicts two trees, one in the foreground and three in the background, giving the scene depth and dimension. The details of the trees are skillfully captured, demonstrating the subtleties of nature's wonders.

The inclusion of the road in the painting adds a touch of mystery, beckoning the viewer to further explore the picturesque landscape.

Whether you are a nature lover or an art connoisseur, this painting is a must-have in your collection. It's the perfect decoration for your living room, bedroom or any other place in your home.

Bring the beauty of twilight into your space and immerse yourself in the serenity of this exquisite landscape.

Colors: saturated colors such as purple, blue, dark blue, gray.