Blanket comfort tm papaella 100x135 cm zigzag/white

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Comfort blanket - optimal price, excellent quality. A light, beautiful, comfortable blanket for a baby's crib. Qualitatively sewn through. Pleasant to the touch and breathable. Wraps the baby from all sides, giving a comfortable sleep. Maintains physiologically necessary body temperature, in accordance with environmental conditions. Warms and removes excess heat outside. All materials are breathable.

The Comfort blanket is pleasant to the body. The materials used are breathable, the baby will not sweat under such a blanket. Soft to the touch microfiber is not capable of causing irritation on a child's sensitive skin. Inside the blanket is a polyester fiber treated with silicone - a modern filler that is distinguished by an affordable price.

The Comfort blanket has a zigzag pattern. It holds the filler web well, preventing it from shifting. The blanket is sewn qualitatively. It looks neat and beautiful. Material safety is confirmed by the OEKO-TEX 100 European level certificate.

Advantages of the Comfort blanket

Affordable price. The comfort collection successfully combines the quality of products with an attractive price. Modern equipment allows you to create products of excellent quality. Beautiful, practical in care. Able to serve for more than one year.

Safe for children's health. The blanket is made of non-allergenic materials. Certified in Germany. All materials are suitable for use in products of children's collections.

Comfortable for babies. The blanket is light and warm, it will not put weight on the child.

Breathable. Modern materials, from which the blanket is sewn, breathe. Remove excess heat, preventing the baby from sweating.

Convenient care. The blanket can be washed in modern washing machines. It does not absorb moisture, so it dries quickly in natural conditions. It tolerates wringing well. Does not lose its shape and properties after washing.