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Pillow children's orthopedic bear tm papaella 20x27x5 cm beige

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Pillow children's orthopedic BEAR - a gift for kids and their caring parents. The presence of a pillow guarantees a comfortable and healthy sleep of the baby from birth. Its design is physiologically designed for the characteristics of a growing child's body. It has a positive effect on the formation of the vertebrae, prevents the deformation of the baby's skull. Its materials are safe for health. The shape and color are pleasing to the eye. The cover and pillowcase that comes as a gift are made of cotton. The product is resistant to dirt and easy to maintain.

Pillow children's orthopedic BEAR is a cone-like constructive solution, stylized as a toy - the head of a bear cub. A feature of the product is the different height of the sides and the presence of a headrest (hollow core).

Upper board - 5 cm;
Board shoulder and neck level - 2 cm;
Headrest - 8 cm in diameter.
This design guarantees a comfortable children's sleep and is useful for the emerging children's spine. The pillow provides a physiologically correct position of the baby's head during sleep. The product supports the neck in a natural position, at a comfortable height. The headrest gently and carefully hugs the head from all sides, fixing its position.

Children's orthopedic pillow teddy bear is made of breathable mesh material with anti-allergic filler Ultrasoft. Its design smoothly transitions from a side height of 5 cm to a height of 2 cm, which makes it an excellent option for a baby from birth.

Pillow BEAR can be used in a crib or stroller. Its main feature is a special recess for the head of the baby. This will ensure the correct position of the head in relation to the entire body and prevent the risk of deformation of the emerging spine.

The pillow cover has anti-allergic and antibacterial qualities. It is well breathable, which guarantees the necessary level of ventilation. It can be machine washed. Additional convenience is added by a gift pillowcase made of pleasant and safe material.

Anti-allergic fiber Ultrasoft acts as a filler. This material is approved in Europe. It gives the product elasticity and support necessary to support the head and neck.

Both the cover and the filler are of high quality. They are safe for health. They do not absorb dirt, moisture, odors and sweat. Their structure guarantees a comfortable level of ventilation. Their properties will ensure a pleasant sleep both at home and on a walk.

Pillow children's orthopedic BEAR is beautiful, practical and useful. This is a prime example of caring for the health of the baby.
Unique design and aesthetic appearance. Orthopedic baby pillow teddy bear is a beautiful, comfortable and useful product. Its design is designed for the characteristics of a growing child's body. Its appearance is able to decorate a crib or stroller. Its stylized form can delight a grown-up baby with its appearance.

Versatility and practicality. Pillow children's orthopedic teddy bear is designed for use at home and for a walk. It is suitable for both baby crib and stroller. It is resistant to various forms of pollution and cleans well. Its cover and filler do not absorb moisture and odors.

Construction quality and material safety. The design of the children's orthopedic pillow is ideally designed for the needs of the baby in a comfortable sleep. It is well made and well thought out. Its materials are distinguished by antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. Which is confirmed by a European level certificate - OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.