Bedspread set stitched - ultra-soft fabric with color transition - 220x240 cm, 2 pcs...

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  • Beige

The Silhouette bedspread is a stylish novelty of the IDEIA brand. Bedspread with an original stitch in the form of honeycombs. It is sewn on new equipment, an embroidery-staple machine, which allows you to embroider a large canvas with a large number of small elements. Honeycombs create an interesting visual effect for bedspreads. And the color transition completes the original and unique image.

Includes 2 zippered pillowcases, includes 2 pillowcases as a gift. Together, they will logically complete the image of the room, create an interesting atmosphere. The colors of the Silhouette case deserve special attention. The front side has a transition from light to dark. Our designers have selected them with fashion trends in mind, but at the same time with universality in mind. To make the bedspread suitable for different bedroom designs - series, beige, mint, powder. The reverse side of all bedspreads is plain beige.

The Silhouette fabric cover is very practical to use. It is strong enough to break, it is not afraid of animal claws, surprises of small children. Any stains are easily removed from it - felt-tip pens, paints, food, etc. It can be washed in modern machines, the cover dries quickly in natural conditions, as it does not absorb moisture. It is not necessary to iron the ego after washing. Inside the cover is a layer of anti-allergenic filler with a density of 100 g/m2. Thus, it keeps its shape well, and if necessary, the blanket can be used as a summer blanket.

For ease of use, the pillowcase has a side zipper. This allows you to remove it for washing, update the pillow if necessary. The set also comes with a gift - two bases for a decorative pillowcase. The Silhouette bedspread looks spectacular on the bed and looks good. This will be a really practical purchase, in a good packaging-bag. Such a set can be a great gift for a celebration. You will have to please your owners for more than one hour.


Environmental friendliness - the cover is made of modern materials that are safe for human health. It has the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certificate, which indicates that the material is not capable of harming health.

It can be washed - the Silhouette cover is soft and easily goes into the washing machine. Easily wipes off dirt, dries quickly. Withstands temperature up to 40ºC and spinning at 600-800 rpm.

High-quality stitching - the cover is stitched with filler in a through-and-through manner. The small pattern of the trail securely fixes the filler, preventing it from shifting.

Made in Ukraine - Ukrainian production contributes to the growth of the well-being of our country.

Good Appearance - The Silhouette case has a good appearance. Looks great on the bed. Does not lose its marketable appearance even after many years of use. Does not lose color. Don't wrinkle. Does not decrease in size.

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