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Aromavita organic buckwheat hull pillow by ideia - 50x70 cm

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The Aromavita Pillow is a natural delight for a comfortable rest. This beautiful and striking pillow is part of our Organic collection and is made with only natural materials. The soft and gentle top fabric is 100% cotton and filled with treated buckwheat hulls for a pleasant touch. The unique stitching on the top cover adds an elegant look to the pillow, and the delicate milk color is eye-catching.

This pillow provides orthopedic benefits and targeted massage. Made with natural materials, it effectively absorbs moisture, allows air to circulate, does not cause allergic reactions, and does not retain heat. Additionally, it has a lovely appearance, a pleasant milk color, and careful craftsmanship that guarantees satisfaction, a good mood, and healthy sleep.

Buckwheat hulls normalize blood pressure, improve circulation, reduce chronic fatigue syndrome, alleviate headaches and muscle pain, and help fight insomnia and depression. Furthermore, it has orthopedic benefits, promoting proper body alignment during sleep, and reducing unwanted consequences related to the spine and neck's health. It also provides targeted massage, which enhances blood circulation.

The Aromavita Pillow set includes a natural cotton pillowcase with decorative stitching and special pockets for herbal sachets. The inner pillow is filled with thermally treated buckwheat hulls, and the set includes dried herbs (sachets) such as savory, mint, and juniper. The herbs are not essential and can be removed from the pockets if the user prefers not to use aromatherapy or has allergies to any of the sachet components. However, they can improve sleep quality.

Savory calms the nervous system and helps induce sleep, containing antioxidants that help fight stress and anxiety. Mint contains menthol, which aids in relaxation before sleep, and has a light aroma that has a positive effect on mood before bed. Juniper reduces stress and anxiety before sleep and has a pleasant scent that promotes relaxation before bed.

The pillow is easy to maintain, with a removable pillowcase that can be washed in modern machines. The pillow's base should not be exposed to moisture, but all materials used are safe for human health, as confirmed by the Oeko-Tex 2000 international certification.

Choose organic - the power and energy given by nature.

Health safety. The Aromavita Pillow provides comfortable and healthy sleep, made with natural materials such as cotton and buckwheat hulls, making it environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. The fabric and filling are not capable of causing allergies or irritation, and it is 100% safe for human health.

Unique design. The stitched cover adds a distinctive elegant look to the pillow, and the sachet pockets make it stand out from similar products.

Orthopedic properties. The buckwheat hull filling provides targeted massage, helping to improve blood circulation, reduce pain, promote relaxation, and decrease chronic fatigue syndrome.

Aromatherapy = healthy sleep. The pillow set includes herbal sachets such as savory, juniper, and mint, which can be used for aromatherapy to improve sleep quality.