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Nursing pillow tm papaella 30x190 cm + button aquamarine denim

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Multifunctional pillow that optimizes the process of feeding the baby from the moment of birth. Supports both mother and child. Places the baby at a comfortable height. Makes feeding as comfortable as possible in lying, sitting, reclining positions. Suitable for breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

The shape and size of the pillow allows you to comfortably place the baby and support the back of the mother. The pillow will help to relax and relieve tension from the muscles. Reduces stress on the spine. Partially frees hands.

The nursing pillow is suitable for use already during pregnancy. Especially relevant in the last trimester. You can throw your legs on it, put it under your stomach for sleeping on your side, support your knees or feet while relaxing. A pillow is placed under the back to reduce tension in the lower back. It will help you relax as much as possible and fully relax, find your comfortable position for sleeping. Optimizes blood circulation and prevents the formation of edema.

Use a feeding pillow for the further development of the baby. It will help the child master the skill of sitting. It will be convenient for daytime sleep, creating a kind of cocoon. Will support in a reclining position during games.

Design features:

The nursing pillow is sewn of natural 100% cotton, coarse calico (top material) and anti-allergic siliconized polyester fiber in the form of balls (filler). It is soft, pleasant to the touch, not capable of causing allergies.

The pillow case has a zipper. This allows you to remove it and wash it more often than the entire pillow, as it gets dirty. The body of the pillow also has a zipper. That allows you to adjust the optimal height for the comfort of mother and child.

The body of the pillow (inner pillow and silicone fiber), if necessary, can also be washed in modern machines. They can withstand temperatures well up to 40°C. They can be pressed. The whole design is designed for intensive use, perfect cleanliness and complete safety for the baby's sensitive skin.

The edges of the pillow have fasteners that allow you to create a kind of cocoon for the baby, which will envelop the child and prevent it from falling when trying to roll over. If necessary, the pillow can become quite compact and convenient for storage.

The range of pillows provides a variety of colors, pillows have various cheerful appliqu?s and embroideries.

Nursing pillow benefits:

Optimization of the feeding process
The pillow allows you to stay with maximum comfort during feeding. Suitable for breastfeeding and bottle feeding. In lying and sitting positions.

Comfort during pregnancy
Allows you to relax and take a comfortable position, which is especially important in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Harmonious development of the baby
The nursing pillow will support your baby at different stages of his development. Toddlers who grew up on these pillows do not want to part with them.

U shape
The comfortable shape of the pillow makes it multifunctional.

Optimal size
The size allows you to comfortably accommodate both mother and child.

Lots of positions to use
The pillow can be used in various positions. Can support stomach, back, feet, knees. Position your baby for feeding at the optimal height.

The materials used are anti-allergenic, safe for health, not able to cause irritation on the sensitive skin of a newborn baby. The safety of materials is confirmed by the European level certificate OekoTex. Level I

Easy Care
The thoughtful design allows you to keep the pillow always perfectly clean. The top cover on a lightning is removed for washing. If necessary, you can wash the entire pillow.

Made in Ukraine
The entire technological cycle of manufacturing the product is carried out in Ukraine. We carefully select fabric suppliers. We follow the quality of fabrics. We use modern equipment to create a competitive price available to the Ukrainian consumer.

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