Soft french linen "the silence of the mountains"

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Double set 10730 UAH
For mattress size 160 × 200
1 sheet - size 240 × 260
1 duvet cover on buttons - size 200 × 220
2 pillowcases - size 50 × 70

Family set 12580 UAH
For a 180×200 or 200×200 mattress of any height
1 Extra Size sheet - size 260 × 280
2 duvet covers on buttons - size 150 × 210
2 pillowcases - size 50 × 70

Soft French linen
ecological and hypoallergenic

French linen is an ideal material for the warm season, because it gives a feeling of coolness during sleep, easily absorbs and removes moisture and envelops you with softness like air.
After going through the grinding process, the material becomes incredibly tender, soft and silky. A bed linen made of this material is created for those who love naturality,a sense of freedom, lightness and home comfort.

- gives a feeling of pleasant coolness
- suitable for people with sensitive skin, because it has hypoallergenic properties
- maintains a comfortable body temperature thanks to its "breathable" structure and ability to absorb and remove excessive moisture
- retains strength, color saturation and surface smoothness for many years, does not fray
- gets softer with every wash
- has an OEKO-TEX-100 certificate, which confirms that no harmful chemicals were used during the production of the fabric
- fabric density — 110 TC

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