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Bunker. ukrainian edition

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Bunker. Ukrainian edition: are you worthy of survival after a global catastrophe?

You know people, one way or another we will eventually bring our civilization to death. Of course, there are many options for this – from a banal nuclear war or a zombie apocalypse to the arrival of the Eldritch Evil in the form of Cthulhu. No one knows exactly how a global catastrophe will happen, but it is advisable to prepare for it in advance.

What do we mean by preparation? For example, you can learn useful skills that will later be needed for rebuilding society or survival. But for this, you require not to die during the catastrophe. You can wait during its peak in a special shelter offered by the board game Bunker. Ukrainian edition from your beloved Planeta Igr. To be honest, the biggest problem is not how to survive all the troubles in the shelter, but how to get there. You will have to convince everyone present that you are the one who deserves to be in the bunker to rebuild the future society.

How useful are you to the Bunker community?

Bunker. Ukrainian edition + unique promo! is a discussion board game for companies. The players here are on the brink of a major catastrophe. The disaster will be different every time, and the characteristics of your character are determined by six random cards from the Professions, Biology, Hobbies, Health, Baggage, and Facts decks. In addition, the participant also receives a Special Condition card, which will give a powerful bonus under certain circumstances.

Each of the 5 rounds in the Bunker board game follows a similar structure:

1. Bunker exploration. Players will learn more about the location, which may affect their position in further votes;
2. Card opening circle. It's time for all the participants to tell others a little bit about themselves. Choose one of your character cards from your hand and in 30 seconds explain to others why you should stay in the bunker;
3. Voting (if available in the round table). Initially, all present, even exiles, have the right to discuss the situation at the table. Next, you can use special forms or use the old finger-pointing method to choose the person you want to expel. Whoever has more votes will not be able to enter the bunker. The game is not over for him or her, because there are still chances to survive in a cruel world. Moreover, you can decide the fate of others.

The gameplay here, of course, is built on negotiations, discussions, and, possibly, bluffing. Discuss all the cards and arguments the other players make – but don't waste too much time, and respect each other. Your task is to get a place in the bunker with all the truths and lies, to prove to everyone your importance on the location and for the future reconstruction of the world.

After the 5th round, the game ends. If you chose Basic mode, then the bunker dwellers won. In Survival Story, players in the Bunker will face threats that each will receive separately. If you can manage to overcome them as a group – the character survives. Exiles, on the other hand, will overcome all their threats without the help of a reliable shelter – so they have worse odds. But this does not mean that they are equal to zero! All characters who survive win!

The most convincing will survive

Board game Bunker. Ukrainian edition is an excellent substitute for the Mafia, which many are already fed up with. Everything here also depends on your eloquence, but there are much more input data. And there is enough open information not to draw conclusions out of thin air! This game is perfect for large companies that like to talk, discuss, and are ready to make any arguments to get to the bunker and survive. Literally, after the first game, memories of Mafia must leave you forever, because Bunker gives a completely different gaming experience.

Get ready to fight your way to survival with powerful arguments!

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