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Room 25: ultimate

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Room 25. Ultimate: don’t look for a reason. Look for a way out!

Everything is too simple here. It won't be easy. Look around, look carefully. I have a feeling that we are being followed. I want to wake up.
Congratulations! You are honored to be part of a new live entertainment show! In the future, the Ministry of Entertainment of an unnamed country has come up with an entertainment reality show, Room 25, which is hugely popular. The essence of the project: a group of people who are not related to each other in real life, suddenly find themselves in a strange cubic room, from which you can go to another room. The locations differ in their colors and the presence of deadly traps. The prisoners have only a few hours to get out of the strange complex alive, or stay there forever!

Our heroes are 6 strangers: a girl, a nerd, a scientist, a bandit girl, a jock, and a cyborg. They became participants in the game against their will and now have to fight for their lives. To win, you need to find room 25 – it is the exit, and you need to act fast because time is limited.
But the show wouldn't be as popular if some contestants weren't guards. Their task is to do everything to prevent the players from leaving the complex, and if they succeed, they will win. But how to find out who is a traitor?

Maybe, is it better to wait here?

This board game is about a deadly complex with a lot of traps in the spirit of the iconic film trilogy Cube. Unexpected plot twists, intense action, and claustrophobic mood throughout the whole gameplay force players to fight with themselves.
The game can be played by one to eight people, choosing one of five game modes to your liking. Play with traitors, in suspicion mode, or together, acting as one, in teams, or everyone by themselves – the main thing is to find room 25 in the allotted number of moves and not die! The task is not an easy one, since the number of moves is strictly limited, and even some participants may turn out to be secret guards who will try in every way to prevent the players from escaping. They can even kill for it.
First, players distribute characters among themselves. They do not have any special abilities or differences. Each player receives a figure, a character card, 4 action tokens, one reminder token, and a turn order token.
The playing field always consists of 25 segments, and the number of traps will depend on the chosen difficulty. The rules offer 3 field options: one for beginners and two for experienced players. All player figures are placed in the starting room and the game begins.
The main goal of prisoner players is to escape from the complex. To make this happen, they must find room 25, bring all the prisoners there and, being in the exit zone, push it out of the complex. For this, players are given a limited number of turns. Each turn consists of two phases: programming and action. It is forbidden to move the starting room and the rows in which it is located!
There are 16 kinds of rooms in the game, which are divided into 4 types:
blue - final and starting ones;
green - safe ones;
yellow - unpleasant ones;
red - deadly ones.
The prisoners should get out of the complex. It is a cooperative game, so only one is allowed to be left behind, while the others can escape only on the last turn of the game. Think carefully about all your actions, the team’s win depends on it!

If there is an entrance, there must be an exit!

Room 25 is an interesting and attractive board game for the formation of social identity and cooperation. The gameplay offers players to live out a real survival reality show at the table. The game mode and other actions are chosen by the participants themselves with the sole purpose of staying alive!
It is worth buying the board game Room 25. Ultimate with the Ukrainian localization from the company Planeta Igr for a unique plot and replayability.

You just need to calm down and act as one team!

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