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Red Rising: prove the superiority of your caste!

Finding yourself in a dystopian world is very attractive, especially if it develops and flourishes in the distant colonial nook and cranny of space. But are you ready for the fact that you may find yourself at the bottom of the social hierarchy? The plus is that you are definitely sure that there is life on Mars. In addition, it is very active in the mining of valuable helium-3. And the devalued Red caste, consisting exclusively of the working class, is engaged in extracting it from the bowels of the Red Planet. Along with the Reds on Mars, there is a certain structure of the population of 14 castes with their own symbolism and color. The coolest and most important (or so they think) are the Golden ones. They are the ones who dictate their terms and control everything that happens, imposing only their goals and desires on others. However, maybe the dictated truth is not that good, and it's time to change something.

You can break into the futuristic world structure to start an unequal struggle for power with the wonderful board game Red Rising, which received Ukrainian localization from your faithful Planeta Igr. The author of this, let's not be afraid to say, hit is the most famous Jamey Stegmaier, who created the game based on the novel series of the same name by Pierce Brown. Being a novelty in 2021, the game has already managed to receive the International Gamers Award Solo Recommended and many excellent reviews on the BoardGameGeek web-site.

Are you ready to make your caste unrivaled? Then feel free to take cards into your hands!

This is a card revolution!

The Red Rising board game is a card strategy game for 1-6 players who want to find themselves on Mars, run around Jupiter, and look beyond the Moon. And, of course, to arrange the exact Red rising.

The main mechanics of the board are hand management and cards set collection. Each player takes control of a separate faction and, using different characters, seeks to achieve certain conditions. You will need to start with 5 random characters, among which you will easily recognize the characters of the novel.

Having made simple preparations for the game, which are described in the rules, the participants start the game and take turns performing one of the two available actions:
The Order allows you to assign a card from your hand to the Mars, Jupiter, Moon, or Institute zone on the field using the assignment. After that, you need to take the top card from any other zone into your hand, activating its bonus, or take the top card of the deck, roll a die, and immediately activate the bonus rolled.
Exploration takes place with the help of the top card of the deck, sent by the player to any zone with the activation of its bonus. For a card on Jupiter, you can advance a ship along the fleet track by 1 division, on Mars you can get a helium token, from the Moon you have a dominion token, and in the Institute an active player's influence token will appear.

Red Rising: turn the universe upside down!

The board game Red Rising is card entertainment for lovers of making combinations, which can brighten up an evening with friends, as well as in proud solitude. During the game, you should not rely on luck, in this cruel world it simply does not exist. Involve only your own strategy, cold calculation, and wisdom.
Fans of card games with a futuristic theme, admirers of Pierce Brown, and just rebels who are not ready to accept the imposed foundations should buy the board game Red Rising with the Ukrainian localization.

Imagine yourself in the role of a revolutionary, challenge the unjust society, and restore your dominance!

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