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Sagrada: from Barcelona to every Ukrainian gaming board!

The majestic and world-famous architectural structure, considered the pearl of Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, inspired its creator for unique construction achievements for 43 years. This real wonder of the world began to grow in 1882 thanks to the bold decision of the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi.

We invite you to take part in the creation of unique and bright stained-glass windows for the cathedral with the Ukrainian localization of the Sagrada board game by Planeta Igr, where everyone will feel like a talented master.

A master of stained-glass works or the play of light and color

You can engage in the creation of eye-pleasing stained-glass either solo or in a small company of 2-4 players. This wonderful abstract especially will delight lovers of slow relaxation, where you can be creative and logically competitive at the same time.
You will spend a little more than an hour on one game, but you will get a lot of pleasure, both aesthetically and from the gameplay itself.

The rules of the game are quite simple, so newcomers to the tabletop world can safely set out to decorate the Sagrada.

The game lasts for 10 rounds, during which the participants will lay out stained-glass windows on the sketch tablets received at the beginning of the game. The main material for your future windows is attractive multicolored six-sided dice that play in different shades depending on their values. Players will receive these dice-glasses randomly from a special bag.

Your own logic and the sketch in front of you will definitely point you in the right direction when placing the cubes depending on the colors and shades, resulting in an exquisite window that brings you closer to victory. However, when creating your masterpiece, you must follow the rules for placing dice. For example, the first one is always placed from the edge of the tablet or in its corner, and each subsequent one must contact the already laid out dice orthogonally. Also, do not ignore the color conditions of the cells, and do not forget that dice of the same color or value cannot be next to each other.

To make your task easier, depending on the game situation and your own desire, you can use a tool card by spending privilege chips. Moreover, during the game, players will pursue both personal and common goals, for the achievement of which at the end of the game, they will be rewarded with the corresponding victory points. So the more scrupulously you approach creating a stained-glass window, the more chances of winning you have.

Once the 10th round comes to an end, the game is over and participants tally up by adding up their points for objective cards, unused privilege tokens, and deducting penalty points for empty cells on the board. The player with the most points is recognized as the best stained-glass master. Now you can easily go to Barcelona and finish what the talented Gaudí started!

Sagrada: light flows from the window!

The Sagrada board game is a great family game that can unite fans of puzzles, jigsaws, sudoku, and all kinds of logical abstractions at one table. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to bring together several generations of your dynasty to finally admire the result of the play of colors and light. You can only imagine how much beauty is waiting for you from one box because the tabletop owns not just great replayability, but a real uniqueness of the games and their results.

Fans of aesthetically attractive components, art connoisseurs, artists, designers and architects, as well as all those who want to have a little touch to the beauty, should buy the Ukrainian localization of the Sagrada board game.

Add wonderful colors and amazing light to your life!

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