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Scythe: the wind gambit (an expansion for scythe)

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Scythe: The Wind Gambit: all paths are open to great rulers

The alternative year 1920. Difficult times for humanity. Cataclysms, wars, and robberies reign over the world. The brightest heads of Eastern Europe created a new technology - airships. Thanks to them, the empires of various countries began to expand, and the fight against crime was also unleashed.

As the years passed, people understood that any, even the strongest state, could rule over other empires all the time. In order to prevent new bloodshed and restore friendly relations, the leaders of Europe came up with a plan for the better and faster establishment of relations between the states.

Perhaps, do you want to become a genius and implement your plan that will bring peace between nations?

Why not become great men and women of this world? Are you ready? Then onward to glory and victory with an expansion Scythe: The Wind Gambit.

Move not only on the ground, but also in the sky

The Wind Gambit is a new type of game, which is completely different from the other mechanics of the Scythe board game and its expansions.

This is the second expansion to our famous Scythe, consisting of 2 modules that are perfectly combined with each other, and are playable separately with a base. Its advantage is that, firstly, each nation gets its own ship with unique properties, and secondly, it provides new conditions for final resolutions.

With the Airship module, ship figurines with transparent bases appear among the components. They can move through any territory, while rivers and lakes are not an obstacle for them, but they cannot establish control over them. The main properties of airships are seizure and pacifism, regardless of the nations to which they belong. Airship tiles with their features per game are chosen randomly before the game starts.

Flying ships are moved using the movement action, while the range is determined by the characteristics of the feature tile. Airships are capable of transporting resources and workers, as well as stopping in enemy territories and never initiating battle.

With the Resolution module, players get new game-ending conditions if you're tired of ending your adventures after the sixth star. To play according to the terms of this module, before starting the game, pick one of the resolution tiles randomly. To end the game, you must complete its requirements.

Wind Gambit stands guard over the peace

Having established peace as their goal, the rulers of Eastern Europe are doing everything impossible. They find a way out of the crisis situation, and the long-awaited peace comes to the states. What did they do? You will find out as you play. An unforgettable journey where love wins awaits you.

Scythe with Wind Gambit expansion becomes even more exciting and unsurpassed, and the modified rules and new mechanics completely change the gameplay, making it versatile and diverse.

Do you want to dive into the world of adventure? Then you've come to the right place! There will be many obstacles in your way. Lakes and rivers, tunnels and mines, traps, and much more. You will have to start a battle to defend your lands. But victory is always on the side of the strong and self-confident. You will be able to play several variants of the game, each of which fills you with strength and courage.

Buying the expansion Scythe: Wind Gambit with the Ukrainian localization by the company Planeta Igr is for fans of the adventures from the basic game. Do you want to try new tactics and strategies, as well as add significant diversification to the games, and the gameplay in general, and get new goals to complete the game? Don’t you?

Or are you looking for a partner in the world of fantasy? Virtual opponent Automa will play with you smoothly. And time will tell, who will be wiser!

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