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What do you meme: patriotic version of the hit game!

In the modern world, every day on the Internet pages, strange pictures, images, and videos with phrases specially selected for this or that situation are shared everywhere.
They gain popularity at lightning speed and quickly become viral. In youth slang, they are called memes, and they often compete with each other for the best peculiar meme. There is no difficulty in creating it, but the satisfaction and good mood from the result are colossal. Everyone, regardless of age, gender and nationality, likes to laugh at another meme, no doubt. And who is the most cheerful and never got discouraged nation? Right, that’s UKRAINIANS!

The events of 2022 do not please our nation at all, but this is no reason to despair, and the card board game What do you meme in Ukrainian is a keen example of that. A strong nation knows how to react to not-so-fun events with a smile, despite the fact that the enemy works in the sweat of his brow. All situations on the cards in the game are familiar to all Ukrainians without exception because they are dedicated to the curious cases of 2022. Just the lazy person doesn't know how the gypsies stole the tank from the orcs or how the old woman fed them a "delicious treat". Even on Google, Ukrainians are “kindling", the most popular question is: "How to shoot down a plane in house conditions?". Well, Chmonia and the warship are probably famous even abroad. Nothing can defeat this nation!

Open a box with Ukrainian weapons against psychological burden and despondency!

At the beginning of the game, choose a master meme connoisseur and give him the honorary role of judge. Others receive seven cards with memes. The lead player opens a card with a situation and waits until all participants select a meme for it. Everyone's sense of humor is different, of course, and the result of the selection can be very unpredictable and harsh. But this is the whole point of the game! The main task of the judge is to stop laughing in time and try to evaluate the participants' choices with a reasonable face. The victory of the player who selected the funniest meme in the current round, according to the judge, is marked with one token. For a total victory in the game, you need to collect 10 such tokens.

An evening with the board game What do you meme will resemble an entire stand-up show, in which you and your friends will play the main role of stand-up comedians. It is a great idea to present this board as a gift for any holiday to a friend or girlfriend. Along with that, it can be a prepared entertainment for the celebration.
The trendy card game What do you meme in Ukrainian should be purchased by creative people and patriots of their country. What do you meme is the best way to cheer yourself up in difficult times!

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