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AFU-like Monopoly: raise defense, send russians to the bags

From February 24, 2022, unexpected and unpredictable events in our beloved country proved to the whole world how united and courageous the Ukrainian people are. Thousands of patriots flooded the military commissariats without hesitation after hearing the siren's wail in the morning. Those who were not taken to fight for their wish went to the volunteer front, many remained at their workplaces to support the national economy in such difficult times.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have become real modern heroes, and our support is so important to them. Therefore, we offer to break away from the news and bring our victory one step closer together with the board game AFU-like Monopoly.

The legendary Monopoly game series has been updated with a patriotic Ukrainian version framed by a war theme with russia. It is unusual and fascinating because the game will help you look at what is happening from the side of the economy, to direct your efforts not to your own enrichment, but to the rise of the military-industrial complex, the development of military education, and the energy system.

A lot depends on you…

Before the start of the game, you should choose the player responsible for financial calculations, distribute the starting capital and place other components in their places. Having sent the chips of their color to the starting square of the playing field, the players roll the dice in order and move the number of steps by the sum that has been rolled. Depending on which square you had to stop at, you should perform one of the following actions:
- ownership rights can be acquired for nobody's enterprise.
- And just look at what we have here: Petro Sahaidachnyi Military Academy, the entire MLR "HIMARS" Park, the "IRIS" air defense system, the Gypsy market of orcs’ equipment, as well as many other vital military facilities. If a player owns 2 objects of the same color, a monopoly is created and businesses can be upgraded, increasing the cost of visiting them. This upgrading rule does not apply to Military Equipment Parks, Markets, and Power Plants;
- if you entered the square with someone else's property, you will have to pay the cost of staying there;
- in the square "Award" you will receive money from the Bank for free;
- after getting to the "Reprimand", "Donation for TDF" or "Donation for AFU" squares, the player is obliged to transfer a certain amount to the Bank;
- the corresponding card is opened from the decks "Chance" or "State Budget" and the condition on it is fulfilled after getting to those squares;
- "Refueling" does not require any action;
- "Gauptvacht" obliges to skip 2 moves, but this problem can be overcome if you pay 700 hryvnias to the Bank or do physical exercises;

In addition to existing penalties on the playing field, a player is penalized if he rolls a double three times in a row or moves someone else's figurine. Each fully completed lap brings the player a bonus of 1,500 hryvnias.

During the game, depending on the situation, you can sell ownership and transfer under pledge objects. Bankruptcy is not excluded, as a result of which the participant leaves the game.

Yes, there will be one winner in the game, but only Ukraine will win in any case!

We raise the patriotic spirit, we play AFU-like Monopoly!

During the game of AFU-like Monopoly, you will definitely be able to imagine yourself as an unshakable leader like President Zelenskyi, a brave commander like Zaluzhnyi, you will see the charisma of Porovozniuk in business, and you will think thoughtfully and carefully like Podoliak. With such leaders and thanks to your support, we will undoubtedly reach Moscow to put an end to a war that we did not start.

All patriots should buy the board game AFU-like Monopoly to support the spirit and faith in the victory of Ukraine, which is about to surely come. This is a great gift for the military, volunteers, and all loyal citizens of an indomitable country.

Make your contribution to Victory!

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