Reusable grocery mini tote bag handmade. shopper bag, packing.

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A small copy of the standard tote bag of mesh, but just as strong and reliable. If you need to buy 2-3 kg of fruit, it will be perfect for this role.
A bright bag with handles will replace thousands of plastic bags. Such a bag has many advantages, despite its small size:
- Holds up to 7 kg
- New colors, bright and stylish - similar to the standard tote bag of mesh.
-Has reliable double seams, for long-term use.
- Has tape for stickers when weighing products.
-Cleans easily by rinsing with water and dries quickly.
Bags from Morkwa will be an exclusive gift for people who do not want to buy products in disposable plastic bags.
Color to choose from: bright orange, bright pink, pink, yellow, black, green, turquoise, tiffany, blue, blue, purple, lilac, white, powder.
Size: folded
width - 18 cm,
length - 24 cm, handles 12 cm.
Care: Light dirt can be rinsed with cold water, washing at 30* is allowed.
Material: mesh pet(1), recyclable.

When you go shopping, take MORKWA bags with you, they will last longer than ordinary bags. Minimum - 2 years. And your awareness will help the planet.