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A set of mesh bags in an organizer. handmade.

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A set for people who like order in everything. A bright organizer arranges your bags, allows you to shop conveniently and practically.
So, this set includes:
1. The best-selling tote bag with mesh handles, 2 pieces:
• Withstood up to 12 kg
• Capacity: 5-6 liters
• Size: (folded) width - 31 cm, length - 47 cm, with handles.
2. A set of 3 favorite durable mesh bags in various practical sizes. The bags are tightened on a string, for this, pull the ends of the string from two sides:
• Holds up to 5 kg
• Size S - 21*22 cm, Size M - 25*29 cm, Size L - 32*40 cm
3. Organizer for 6 bags - 1 pc.
The size is 36*20 cm
What are the advantages of this organizer:
- sewn from waterproof material.
- has a convenient adhesive tape fastener that can be closed even with one hand,
- has 6 compartments for storing bags of different sizes in a twisted form,
- protects your bags from contamination.
By purchasing such a set, you save money, as individual components of the set are more expensive, and you will have bags of all kinds of products, vegetables, and fruits, perfectly arranged in the organizer that stores them. Also, the organizer can be purchased separately, as tote bags and pouches.
Bags from Morkwa will be an exclusive gift for people who do not want to buy products in disposable plastic bags:
• Stretches 2 times and holds more than you expect.
• Colorful, bright and stylish.
• Have reliable double seams for long-term use.
• Have tape for stickers when weighing the product.
• Easy to clean by rinsing with water and dries quickly.
And the most important thing: you don't take "shurshiks" - plastic bags - in the store, thereby you are ready to save our Earth. And over time, our non-packaged product can be recycled.
Organizer color: orange, black
Color of bags to choose from: bright orange, bright pink, pink, yellow, black, green, turquoise, tiffany, blue, blue, purple, lilac, white, powder.
Care: Light dirt can be rinsed with cold water, washing at 30* is allowed.
Material: strainer pet(1), subject to repeated processing.
When you go shopping, take MORKWA bags with you, they will last longer than regular bags. Minimum - 2 years. And your awareness will help the planet.