The book "evenings on a farm near dykanka", "myrhorod" by m.v. gogol

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"Evenings on a farm near Dykanka" is the first book (apart from the poem "Hants Küchelgarten", published under a pseudonym) by the Ukrainian writer Mykola Gog*************), who in the conditions of Tsarist Russia was forced to write his works in Russian, since the publication of books in Ukrainian was banned in the Russian Empire.
"Evenings on a farm near Dykanka" is a collection of literary works that were written and published by Gogol gradually, and accordingly this book consists of two parts. The first part was published in 1831, and the second in 1832. Gogol wrote the stories "Evenings" in 1829-1832. According to the plot of the story, the book was allegedly collected and published by the "beekeeper Rudy Panko".

Height, mm: 300
Width, mm: 230
Depth, mm: 42
Material: leather, copper, silver
Author: M. V. Gogol