Board for serving dishes with 5 sections, double-sided, oak, d 29.5 cm, height 2 cm.

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Serving board for 5 sections, double-sided oak, d 30 cm, height 2 cm.
The tableware is made of natural wood (oak), very pleasant to the touch and has a pleasant smell. All our wooden dishes are ecological and natural. Buying wooden dishes is a small pleasure for yourself and a good gift with live energy for your loved ones. One serving dish, divided internally into several cells, which allows you to put different products on one plate without mixing them together. Such a plate can be used for meat and fish dishes. Ideal for serving vegetables and fruits. This plate will look stylish and elegant on the festive table, and will also delight you in everyday use.

Wooden dishes are environmentally friendly, clean and safe for human health. In addition, wooden utensils are much stronger than glass or ceramic ones. To ensure that this product will last you a long time, it is treated with linseed oil, which provides resistance to moisture and promotes easy care.