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Rustem Skybin

Rustem Skybin

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Rustem Skibin created the style of polychrome ceramics painting following the principles of traditional culture of the Crimean Tatars. He mastered the method of creating ornamental structures and created a series of unique plates with exquisite calligraphic compositions. He also founded the El-Cheber studio. Rustem Skibin was born in 1976 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. In 1996 he graduated from the Samarkand School of Arts with a degree in "artist-teacher". In 1996 he returned to his homeland in the Crimea. In the period from 1996 to 2000 Rustem worked as a chief artist at the ceramic factory "Tavrika" in Simferopol. Since 2000 he has been starting individual activities on research, revival and development of ancient Crimean Tatar crafts, in particular - ceramics with the use of authentic ornaments. Based on the materials of the artist and art critic Mamut Churlu, who collected and deciphered a collection of traditional ornaments of Crimean Tatar embroidery, Skibin created his own style of polychrome ceramics painting. The experience allowed him to hone the main thing and discard the superfluous - this is how the unique authorial style Quru Isar was formed. Today, there are only four centers in the world that use similar painting techniques, they are: Iran, Turkey, Spain and Ukraine. In the village of Acropolis of the Ukrainian Crimea, Rustem Skybin founded a creative studio "El-Cheber" (from the Crimean Tatar - "country of masters"). Graduates of the studio are such modern masters as Asie Mushurova, Eldar Gusenov, Ayder Abibulaev, Asie Useinova and others. In 2014, after the annexation of Crimea by Russia, due to his civil position, Rustem Skibin was forced to leave Crimea and move to Kyiv. Over time, the studio has grown to the scale of a public organization, which today takes an active part in various creative projects. Among the recently implemented projects: the intermuseum project "Milky Way", co-authored with curator art critic George Brailovsky; publication and presentation of a children's coloring book using traditional Crimean Tatar ornament, where ornamental semantics are translated into images of everyday scenes and accompanied by children's poems; the "Path" project, which connected the cities of Ukraine and Poland with an ornamental path that decorated public places in the urban space; Oyma - a traditional kind of craft, an auxiliary element in the art of embroidery, which due to its artistic and expressive properties the master brought into a separate ornamental structure, which is used in the decoration of clothing and interiors; a series of media installations and performances by Sürgün co-authored with Vlodko Kaufmann and the Crimean House. The master's works are known far beyond Ukraine and are stored in museum and private collections. Skibin is an active participant in regional, national and international exhibitions. The artist continues to actively collect, analyze and restore technologies for the production of various forms of traditional household pottery, study the original professional vocabulary and promote its implementation in the modern language of masters. In addition to ornamented plates, Rustem produces ceramic lamps, fountains, musical instruments and decorative panels. A separate series are the author’s ornamented hookahs, which started the development of the Qarabin project to revive the authentic tobacco traditions and culture of smoking cafes of the old Crimea. The variety of Rustem Skybin's creative interests are intertwined in a common goal and tireless desire - to give new life to the best Crimean traditions in the modern world through the eyes of modern artist.